Welcome to Full Moon Rising Nokota® Horses

We are a small farm in Welch, Minnesota. Welch is located in the bluff country of southeastern Minnesota, between the towns of Hastings and Red Wing. While having horses in our lives for many years, we have always wished to become more involved. While experiencing and enjoying various breeds, we were never quite able to find the right breed for us. Then came the Fall of 2005 and an article on the Nokota® horse in Cowboys and Indians Magazine. We were absolutely smitten. With a long standing interest and respect of the Native American culture and horses, the Nokota® was the horse for us. As you work your way through our site and begin your own research, we hope you will come to appreciate the Nokota® horse also. There is so much to learn.

Please refer to our History page as a start. We have attempted to summarize some of this fascinating story from our own research in order to give you a beginning appreciation. We have found that understanding the story these horses have to tell has become as much fun and interesting as owning the horse.

.....by the way.....I often times wonder what's in a name.....Full Moon Rising?

One of our favorite things to do in the late evening is to sit at the end of our barn, overlooking the pasture, and watch that glorious Full Moon Rise! So be it....we hope you will enjoy our site and Thanks for stopping.

Thank You!

Bob and Deb Fjetland